Confusion can be a very confusing thing. When it comes to relationships, there are so many things that can cause feelings of confusion in both men and women alike, often leading to an extremely confused state for the one who feels it. However, when the gender roles are switched and you have a man feeling confused about his feelings, sometimes there are clues that he will send out into the world that may indicate just why he’s having such mixed signals about being with you or being with someone else, or no one at all!

1. “I’ve made up my mind, but I can’t tell you what I decided.”

The first sign of unclear feelings is when your guy will give you this kind of answer. Usually, when two people are dating, they have a pretty good idea about where the relationship is going. But when a guy says this to you, it usually means that he’s either not ready to commit or he’s going back and forth between wanting to be with you or being more distant from you. He could also be feeling emotional confusion over another girl but wants the security of knowing someone will be there for him while he sorts things out with “the other woman.”

2. “I’m just too busy right now.”

Perhaps one of the more common reasons that men have been known to hide their true feelings is because of work commitments. Whether they’re working long hours at a new job or starting a new business on the side, guys oftentimes don’t want relationships to get in the way of their professional success. So if you are seeing a guy who is working too hard to make time for you, it’s possible that he doesn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize his work commitments or relationships with co-workers.

3. “I’m not ready to be in a relationship.”

Sometimes guys have no idea what they’re doing in relationships and when they want to go slow, they might say this phrase so as not to overwhelm or scare off the girl. Other times, guys don’t even realize how much they like being around their significant other until someone else shows interest in them. For whatever reason, when guys are scared of relationships or are just recently noticing their feelings for you, they may want to take things slowly at the beginning. That means you might start seeing less of them or hear this phrase a lot until they are ready for something more serious.

4. “I’m not sure what I want.”

There are men out there who have no idea what they’re doing, so they play all sides of relationships, hoping they don’t get caught. These guys usually bounce between relationships because relationships can be messy and complicated, which is why so many people pretend relationships aren’t supposed to be complex! However, if you happen to land a guy like this, keep your guard up because he could very well leave you hanging high and dry when he realizes that his back-and-forth games just aren’t working anymore.

5. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Sometimes relationships are filled with drama, even if both people are committed to each other. Guys sometimes try to avoid drama by distancing themselves from the entire situation. But when a guy says this phrase, he can also be confessing his feelings for someone else that may cause him to break up with you eventually. If there happens to be another woman in the picture, he could end up saying this line many times before finally breaking things off between the two of you.

6. “I’m just not sure what my feelings are.”

This is one of those lines that men tend to give women when they truly do have no idea where their relationship is going or if they want it go anywhere. But sometimes, men will say this line even if they know what their feelings are but don’t want to let you know for whatever reason. When a guy says this phrase to you, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re doing in the relationship because he could be getting ready to break up with you or just stop calling and hanging out as much as usual.

7. “I’m not good at relationships.”

Guys who give this answer usually aren’t flat out lying to your face; they just don’t realize how amazing relationships can really be! Some guys may not know how relationships work, which is why they like keeping them simple and low-key. If your guy gives you this answer when you ask him why he doesn’t want to commit, it could mean that he isn’t ready for relationships and will prefer keeping things casual and uncomplicated.

8. “I’m kind of seeing other people.”

There are men who like relationships, and then there are men who live relationships. While you might not think that your guy would cheat on you, some guys tend to keep up one relationship while they’re actually in another relationship with someone else behind their significant other’s back. If a guy says this phrase when you ask him about his feelings for you, consider yourself special because he cares enough to tell the truth instead of just avoiding the question or brushing you off by telling a white lie.

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