There’s nothing like the feeling of somebody missing you and thinking about you. It made you feel wanted and desired and inspired to keep on going. However, relationships don’t always move at the pace we want them to. Sometimes we rush into relationships, or we spend time with people who aren’t exactly right for us; then, we have to go through the complex process of breaking up just so that we can find somebody better suited to us. It can be tough being single after a break-up, but sometimes it’s necessary if only to remind ourselves just how good relationships are supposed to be. So what do you do? How do you make him miss you? Here are 12 suggestions:

1) Don’t call or text him first

If you want him to miss you, then the worst thing that you can do is contact him first. This is even more important if he’s the one who broke up with you. The rule of thumb here is that men are hunters and they need to feel like they’re chasing you down before they commit again. Don’t respond to his calls or texts, don’t answer any questions, and refuse to explain why you’ve been ignoring him for a few days. He’ll be eager to make things right again soon enough!

2) Go out on dates with other guys

Sometimes relationships end because we realize that we were wrong about our dating partner all along. We think we know them so well, but it turns out that there are some things about them that we don’t like after all. The best option here is to act as if you’re already single and going out with other people. You can do this by going on dates with other guys or simply spending time with your guy friends at places where girls and guys meet, such as a bar or a dance club. He’ll be curious about what’s going on and who you’re meeting up with… not to mention how his heart will sink when he realizes that he’s losing you!

3) Make him miss the good times

No relationship is perfect but it helps if both parties try to make each other happy whenever possible. If you’ve been unhappy for a while now then the best thing that you can do is think about all of those wonderful moments that you spent together. The ones where he smiled, laughed and made you feel loved and special. These are the memories that will keep him thinking about you until he finally risks getting hurt again and decides to try and find happiness with you again.

4) Make plans with friends or family

Nothing says “I’m not interested” like suddenly having plans every single night of the week. If your guy has been trying to get in touch with you then it’s time for you to come up with some plans as quickly as possible so that he knows that there’s no possibility of a rendezvous between the two of you anytime soon! You could make plans to go see a movie with your friends, go out for drinks or to that new club that you’ve been dying to visit. You can even make plans with his family (the people that he respects the most) if it comes to that! Your relationships are important but this guy is clearly not; after all, why else would he ignore you like this?

5) Don’t mention him

You’re allowed to have male friends and family members in your life but don’t let him hear about any of their activities – especially if they involve getting together with a bunch of guys at a house or barbeque. If he asks about them then just say that they’re “boring” and change the subject as quickly as possible. He might push you on this issue but stay strong and don’t let him know anything about your relationships with the other men in your life. He needs to feel like he’s slowly suffocating with jealousy if you want this tactic to work!

6) Spend time with exes

If he knows that you still talk to an ex-boyfriend or two then it might drive him crazy wondering what they’re talking about or how often they see each other. You could even invite them over for dinner (his favourite meal!) but make sure that you’re not flirting with them when he walks in the door. That would be game over right there! Of course, most relationships end because of unresolved issues so maybe try discussing these problems with him too; instead of spending time with exes, spend some time together figuring out what went wrong!

7) Talk about him behind his back

“A man hears one word and takes heed of it / A woman hears one word and let’s go of it…” For this reason, you should never discuss your relationship problems with your friends or family unless he’s standing right there beside you. After all, the only relationships that survive are the ones in which both sides are willing to communicate. If he knows that you’ve been talking to others about how unhappy you are then he’ll feel doubly betrayed when you finally walk out the door for good. He might even try to talk things through but… c’mon, do you really want him to know how much he’s hurt you?

8) Make him suffer a little bit

Just because he’s the one who has been ignoring you doesn’t mean that the tables have to be turned around. It’ll do him some good to think about how much time and energy he’s wasted on relationships in the past, relationships that never even had a chance of working out because both partners were always unhappy! Time heals all wounds so don’t let your guy get too comfortable while you’re gone. He might avoid relationships altogether if it means dodging all of this emotional angst! The longer that you stay away, the more likely it is for him to realize just how much he misses you…

9) Ask for space (so that you can give him space)

If you’re anything like me then relationships are the last thing that you want to think about when you’re on vacation. You just want to relax, have some fun and get your mind off of your man for a while so don’t be afraid to ask for some space! Tell him that you need an “adult time out” or something similar if it comes to it. If he doesn’t respect the boundaries of your relationship then maybe there really is no hope for this relationship at all…

10) Go out with friends (but act busy!)

You might be tempted to cancel all of your plans in order to entertain this guy but don’t fall into that trap! Nothing says “I’m too busy for you” more than a packed social calendar, after all. If he doesn’t feel like he’s number one in your life these days then maybe relationships aren’t for him! Hang out with friends and go to the movies or something – just don’t tell him about it. He might hit you up on Facebook later but ignore him as best as you can; relationships are supposed to be two-sided remember? As long as he knows that you’re going out on the town without him nearby then he’ll probably start missing those late night phone calls…

11) Talk him up

Make sure that everyone who meets you thinks that your new boyfriend is a prince among men even if they’ve never met him at all. After all, if everyone else knows how awesome he is then why wouldn’t he feel the same way, right? Talk up his commitment to relationships and relationships in general – if you’re going to break up with him anyway then there’s no harm done! If your friends don’t have a relationship with this guy then they’d probably be willing to talk him up as well…

12) Have fun without him

“You can always take the direct route and say ‘Hey, I really need some time away from you. I’m feeling suffocated’ or something similar.” If you want to make a man miss you then all that you have to do is have fun without him! After all, relationships are supposed to be two-sided so what better way to prove that you’re not on the same page as him than by going out and having a good time without him? Even if he tries to tag along, make sure that you do your best to ditch him. After all, relationships are supposed to be give-and-take! If he really wants to make up with you then relationships are supposed to be give-and-take, right…?

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