In order to have a relationship with a Gemini man, you need to be able to take the good with the bad. Gemini men are known as players and flirts at times due to their fun personalities. They usually give off the impression of being someone who needs their space, which is true. Gemini men do not like feeling smothered and having people around them all of the time because they feel that it takes away from their independence and freedom.

Getting involved with a Gemini man and trying to make him your boyfriend could very well end up in failure if you don’t know how to handle this relationship properly. Dating a relationship-driven Gemini man may be challenging, but it’s also exciting, especially for women or other earth signs. Singles in these signs will be attracted to a Gemini man’s playful and fun-loving qualities because they see this relationship as a chance to add some excitement to their lives.

The relationship between a Gemini man and female Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio or Capricorn woman could be quite different from the relationship that exists between a Gemini man and an earth sign such as Taurus or Leo. Attempting to force Gemini men into committing could ruin the relationship with them completely. Gemini men do not appreciate being forced into something that they’re not ready for especially when it comes to commitment.

Once you have protected your relationship with your Gemini man, here are 12 ways on how to make him fall in love with you:

1. Gemini man is relationship-driven, so you need to know how to properly handle him. Gemini men usually want independence and freedom in their relationship which makes them feel like they are lacking commitment. Gemini men love having fun times with people, but it gets tiring for them when they have to commit to someone all of the time instead of just sometimes.

When your relationship with a Gemini man starts off at this stage, you need not worry because these relationship problems will disappear once he is able to trust that you won’t try forcing him into something that he doesn’t want.

2. Play games with your Gemini man occasionally if you don’t mind spending some money on online dating sites. Reading mystery novels together has been known to get Gemini men interested in their relationship because they love mysteries. Gemini man will be more than happy to spend time with you if you treat him like a king every once in a while.

3. Make an effort to get outside of your relationship comfort zone and try new things with your Gemini man who may be bored with relationship routines or simply just wants some excitement brought into his life through your relationship. Gemini men love adventure, so joining them for something that is out of the ordinary would do the trick when it comes to relationship success.

4. Many Gemini men are intelligent people that need to be around someone who truly understands them and their behaviour when it comes to relationships matters because they can’t stand shallow people in their lives especially during times of emotional turmoil where they need someone the most. A Gemini man gets bored with relationships quickly, which is why he likes having fun in them, but if his relationship partner isn’t able to support him through difficult times then this relationship will not move forward and will likely be broken.

Gemini man also loves relationship games that are mentally stimulating, such as relationship trivia, relationship jeopardy or relationship charades. He may even enjoy solving relationship riddles because he is intelligent enough to solve them quickly before his relationship partner does.

5. Show a Gemini man that you’re the perfect relationship choice for him by learning how to handle sensitive matters with someone who has a romantic heart, but doesn’t really show it too much when you first start dating.

6. If you want your Gemini man to fall in love with you, then you should never try to restrict his freedom and independence in your relationship if he wants space and time for himself. A Gemini man needs the best of both worlds (the relationship world and the none relationship world). 

This is why he can’t commit fully into a relationship because he still loves having some personal time where nobody tells him what he can or cannot do. This will lead him to boredom with one person who cannot meet all of his needs at once.

7. A Gemini man needs his space most of the time, so if you fall in love with him, you must be able to deal with this fact because he is not your average boyfriend who will cuddle up with you every night provide emotional support when things go wrong.

8. A Gemini man can be hurt emotionally very easily because he feels everything deeply, which is why he needs an understanding relationship partner who won’t try too hard when relationship problems arise. Gemini men don’t have an unlimited amount of patience when relationship issues arise so you need to understand this fact if you want him to fall in love with you, but don’t suffocate his freedom when problems do arise in the relationship for whatever reason.

9. A Gemini man is a relationship person so you must understand this fact if you want him to fall in love with you and don’t try to restrict his freedom and independence in your relationship. He still loves having some personal time so don’t encroach on an aspect of your relationship where it isn’t wanted.

10. A Gemini guy is a clever individual with a strong memory, so make sure you impress him with your words and actions when doing something no one else has done for him previously. You should try consulting an expert relationship counsellor who understands how Gemini males tick when it comes to relationship difficulties.

Another condition that can cause problems in a relationship is when a man’s interest or love for another woman develops to the point where he feels compelled to act. 

This occurs almost exclusively when (Gemini) women are present. 

When Gemini men get together, they have arguments and fights over the issue of who has precedence or priority in their relationship because they cannot agree on how they should be prioritized.

 This leads to relationship issues developing rapidly. This generates significant relationship stress since Gemini man cannot take major relationship stress well under any circumstances.

11. A Gemini male can fall in love quickly, but he can’t stick with it for long since he gets bored quickly with anything that takes too much time or effort.

This happens much more when you’re trying to have control over him. When you try to constantly keep a relationship going without allowing him to be himself fully, this will lead to boredom, ending the connection after it starts due to your attempt to dominate everything. This will result in serious relational issues developing fast but not necessarily all at once.

12. A Gemini man prefers to be in a relationship with individuals who can make him laugh and smile since laughter is the greatest medicine for his heart and mind. Scientifically it reduces stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine in the body (also known as catecholamines), which raise blood pressure…

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