It’s a very difficult situation to be in when you tell a guy that you miss him and he doesn’t respond with those three little words. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to hear those words from the person that you care deeply about, but then not hearing them at all.

It can make some girls wonder: Does he really love me? Why isn’t he saying it back?

The fact of the matter is that maybe he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings for you by saying, I love you. Or maybe there could be another reason altogether – like maybe your relationship is starting to crumble because of it. Whatever the case may be, here are 11 ways to handle such a relationship situation.

  1. Recognize The Signs And Symptoms Of Him Not Being Ready To Say It Back Yet

It can be hard to tell when a guy is not ready to say it back because he’s afraid of getting hurt or because he just doesn’t know how you feel yet and wants to hold off on saying it back for now. He may also not want to respond with “I love you too” just in case you were only bluffing and didn’t actually mean it. Sometimes guys might find themselves wondering: “What if she says it and I don’t say it? Will she dump me? Will she think I don’t care about her anymore? Is there something wrong with me?”

So just take a moment and try to look at the relationship from his perspective – because this is something that men have a hard time dealing with. And if you think about it from his perspective, then maybe it will make sense as to why he doesn’t say those three little words back yet.

2. Give Him Space To Come To His Own Decision In His Own Time On Whether Or Not He Wants To Say It Back

Sometimes guys need space in order to sort out their feelings and come to grips with where exactly they stand in the relationship before saying I love you too. If it helps, imagine yourself in his shoes for a minute – especially since he might be feeling confused about what he’s really thinking and maybe he needs a moment to clear his head as well as figure out exactly what he’s feeling.

So from now on, just try not to bug him too much about saying those three little words back yet – because if anything, that will only put more pressure on him and then it might be even harder for him to say them back. And that would just make you both feel a lot worse than before instead of better.

3. Let Him Know That You Love Him In Other Ways Besides Saying It Out Loud

Yes, hearing those three little words can be nice – but it doesn’t hurt to show your love in other ways such as by giving hugs, kisses and cuddling as well as cooking for him, doing his laundry and more. In fact, showing your love in other ways will make those three words less important to hear from him – especially if he really wants to say them back but is afraid of getting hurt or confused.

4. Realize That Saying I Love You Might Be Hard For Him To Express Emotionally

One reason why a guy might not be able to say it back yet is that he’s having a hard time expressing himself emotionally on the topic of love. Maybe you once told him that you loved that new dress that you bought for yourself and then afterwards he went out and bought the same exact dress for you just so that he could feel like he was treating you right too.

Even though it might not be the exact same thing as saying “I love you” to you, this still shows that he wants to make you happy too. Maybe for him, doing nice things for others is his way of expressing his feelings since it’s hard for him to say those three words through speaking them out loud.

5. Remind Him That You Love Him Just The Way He Is

Letting your relationship grow stronger will definitely create a greater sense of intimacy between the two of you, which means this will allow him to feel more comfortable with sharing his deepest inner fears and insecurities with you. Just remember that once he feels closer to you, then sooner or later he should start feeling more comfortable with opening up to you and finally saying those three words back.

6. Be Patient With Him Until He Feels Ready To Say I Love You Too

If he’s had relationship issues in the past that have made him afraid of getting hurt or confused, then chances are that once he feels more comfortable with you – then it should be easier for him to say “I love you too” eventually. So try not to rush him into saying it and just go with the flow and let him know that as long as he wants to hang around with you, then there is no reason why your relationship can’t work out just fine even if those three words aren’t said back yet.

7. Try Not To Take His Silence Personally

If a guy doesn’t say it back – then this isn’t necessarily a sign that he doesn’t love you, but instead could also mean that he just has relationship issues. And maybe those relationship problems stem from something which happened in his past – such as maybe his ex-girlfriend didn’t treat him well and made him fear getting hurt again or confused during future relationship interactions.

In other words, take his silence not as an insult to your relationship – but instead as a form of relationship therapy which will help both of you grow closer and become more comfortable with each other over time. If anything, just be patient with him and give him some space because saying I love you is definitely not an easy thing to do for everyone.

8. Continue To Show Him Your Love And Appreciation In Other Ways

Sure, it would be nice if he could finally say I love you back – but just because he’s having trouble saying these three words doesn’t mean that he still can’t show his love in other ways such as through hugs, kisses and gifts given out of kindness instead of expectations. So let him know that your relationship is important to you by continuing to express how much you care about him even though you also understand that this process might take some time so long as he remains patient with you too.

9. Ask Him If There Is Something Keeping Him From Saying Those Three Words Back To You

Sometimes it’s not that a guy is having relationship issues, but instead, he just doesn’t know how to say I love you back and this creates even more relationship problems and confusion. If this sounds like your relationship with him then you might want to ask him if there is something which is holding him back from saying those three words when they are directed at you. Of course you can’t force him to say it back, but maybe simply hearing these words come out of your mouth will motivate him to finally say them in return too.

10. Don’t Trip Up On The Words He Uses To Express How Much You Mean To Him

For example, if he says that you mean everything to him or that you are the love of his life – then this should be a good sign that he loves you and just has relationship issues when it comes to actually saying I love you. In other words, if he still hasn’t said those three little words after a few months or so with you, but instead says them in different ways from time to time, chances are that one day soon he will finally have enough relationship confidence to say I love you back without fear getting in the way.

11. Don’t Try To Force It Or Push Him Over The Edge

If your man gives mixed messages and doesn’t say it back even though there is no reason why he can’t, then take this as a sign that he might be more emotionally invested in the relationship than you are. And if this is the case, then don’t try to force anything on him or push him into saying those three words too early because trust me – you don’t want to risk losing him over something like this after having invested all of your time and energy into making it work out.

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