If you want to know how to date a guy, you’ll need some relationship advice. Your relationship is very important, and it needs to be maintained well with proper care. Dating is a relationship in itself, that has its own rules and standards. You can follow these dating tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

– 1. Find out your compatibility with him.

Is he a morning person or a night owl? Does he love sweets or salty food? It’s best if you have similar interests so that both of you can enjoy each other’s company better.

– 2. Don’t play hard to get for too long.

If you really want to date him. He might lose interest in you if he thinks that he can’t get you easily.

– 3. Don’t be clingy and let him have his space.

If he has to work, then give him time to do so without bugging him.

– 4. Show respect when you’re around his friends and family members.

Impressing them will make a good impression on your relationship and it could be beneficial down the road.

– 5. Make sure to keep in touch with him every now and then even if both of you are busy.

You might not talk often, but at least send a quick text message to see how he’s doing.

– 6. Ask for his opinion about things such as your relationship or events that you’re thinking of doing.

He will appreciate the fact that you care enough to ask what he thinks about it.

– 7. Be affectionate and show him your love every now and then, but not too much.

Stay realistic and don’t expect him to return those feelings on the same level as you do.

– 8. Don’t compare him with someone else.

It’s okay if there are other guys who attract you in one way or another, but make sure never to mention them when in front of him; otherwise, it’ll drive a wedge between you two.

– 9.  Accept his past relationship with other girls even if they were more meaningful than yours.

You can learn from his relationship mistakes, but also make sure not to make the same mistakes when in your relationship with him.

– 10. Don’t ask him about his relationship status.

If he wants you to know, he will tell you himself.

– 11. Never ignore him if there’s a problem between you two.

It may be difficult, but it’s best to talk about it and work things out rather than let these problems grow bigger and harder to solve.

– 12. Many guys love spontaneity so if possible take up an adventure with him once in a while! Try something new together, and you’ll get closer too.

– 13. Don’t ask him to change for you.

If you don’t like his hairstyle or dressing, then let him keep it as it is and don’t complain about it.

– 14.  Respect each other’s relationship with your friends and family members. Don’t fight over them because that will only cause trouble in your relationship later on.

– 15. Always be yourself while dating a guy.

It might sound cliché but don’t ever try to impress him by acting differently from what you really are because chances are you will end up hurting those feelings inside of you.

 – 16. Be Responsible in your relationship!

Learn how to take care of yourself and be responsible enough for the relationship.

– 17. It’s great to have a long-distance relationship!

But before you take that route, make sure to think about it very carefully and know if your relationship is strong enough. If yes, then don’t let a little distance come between you two.

– 18. Don’t go out with another guy while still in a relationship with another guy. That will only lead to heartbreak for someone, whether it’s your partner or yourself.

– 19. Never give up on him, even when everything seems bleak.

You may not always be able to save him from his problems, but eventually, he will understand your love for him through everything.

– 20. It’s natural to be jealous, but it’s important to learn how to control this feeling. You don’t want him to think that you are the type of girl who gets jealous easily over nothing, right? So have an open relationship with him and talk about these feelings together!

 –  21. Don’t Give Up on your relationship if it fails once or twice. Keep trying until you two finally reach that happy ending you’ve been waiting for all this time! Love is worth dying for… isn’t it?

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