In order to make your man want you more, you have to put in the effort. Men are simple creatures that are easily impressed. If you’re looking for ways to impress your man and keep him wanting more, check out the 18 methods below!

1. Don’t talk about past relationships or ex-boyfriends

Do not mention former boyfriends in a relationship with your current man. It is a total turn-off, especially if he knows them and they did not break up on good terms. This could make him think of your relationship as competition for his relationship with an old friend (even when it isn’t).

2. Be confident about yourself

When you are confident in who you are and what you want, your relationship will be more stable because you won’t act like someone else to please the guy; instead, he will love the real you! Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not (and don’t do things that go against what you believe in), just because you want to impress your man. A relationship works best when both people are comfortable being themselves around one another.

3. Make sure that he knows that his relationship with you takes effort from your part as well

It is totally unfair if you expect your relationship to be smooth sailing all the time, just because you have been together for a long time. Do not take him for granted and assume that he knows everything about you and will do anything to make you happy. Make sure that he knows what you want out of the relationship, too- face-to-face conversations are always best!

4. Don’t make him feel like a “boyfriend”

This is one of the most important relationship tips ever written- don’t make your relationship feel like a full-time job! Of course, effort should be put into it from both ends, but that doesn’t include constantly checking up on whether or not he’s going to be home on time or if he has been flirting with other girls. Be a free spirit and allow yourself some freedom as well, even if it is just a break from each other every now and then.

5. Don’t flirt with other guys in front of him

C’mon ladies- we all know this relationship rule already! However, there are still those moments when you playfully joke with your friends about the hot guy standing at the bar counter, only for your boyfriend to hear about it three days later via his friend who knows said the hot guy at the bar counter. It’s embarrassing for both of you and definitely not recommended! No need to overcomplicate things- if he’s your boyfriend, you shouldn’t need to flirt with other guys.

6. Don’t put him before everyone else in your life

Your relationship might be the main relationship in your life at the moment, but don’t let it become too serious- after all, he is not the only person that matters! Make time for yourself and strive to become a better person without his input; he will appreciate you much more if you are confident about what you’re doing (and how good you look while doing it). Be healthy and happy (for both of your sakes!) before entering into a relationship with someone else.

7. Always keep him guessing

People like surprises, so why shouldn’t men? If you want to impress your man, never give too much away. He’ll become bored with you very quickly if he has a clear idea of what to expect from you each time the relationship moves forward even slightly.

8. Don’t be a pushover

You may have found a relationship that makes you incredibly happy but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your own needs just to keep him happy! Don’t let yourself get walked all over because it’s going to show in the relationship- and people will start noticing who is more important in the relationship (and it sure as hell isn’t him).

9. Be kind but don’t act like his mother

It’s easy to slip into “mother mode” when you first meet a guy but as time goes on, you should be focusing less on his problems and more on your relationship. If he mentions something that he is struggling with, only offer advice if it’s requested- don’t push anything onto him even if you know what to do or have been through the same thing yourself.

10. Don’t always say yes when he asks for help

It feels like common sense to try and make your relationship easier for both of you at all times (especially if you’ve only just started dating) but there are certain situations where you should stand your ground. If your relationship is suffering because of one particular problem with no solution in sight, maybe it would be better to admit defeat every now and then. Give him the chance to prove that he is willing to put in just as much effort into this relationship as you are!

11. Don’t be boring

It’s relationship advice 101, but it’s the most critical relationship tip ever- don’t become too complacent! Try something new every now and then (especially if your relationship has been going on for a while), even if it is just taking up a new hobby or switching up your hairstyle.

12. Don’t give him an answer before he’s even asked you the question

Always save yourself some relationship drama by making sure you know what he means when he asks you questions- after all, your relationship will soon turn dull if certain relationship goals aren’t met! Don’t jump to conclusions, and definitely don’t open your relationship dialogue with a negative answer. Keep the relationship running smoothly by staying on top of what he is trying to say or trying to do- even if it sounds like something you would never be interested in, just give it a chance!

13. Don’t forget about your relationship when you’re out with friends

You want to bond with your friends as much as possible but that doesn’t mean that you should always cut off contact with your relationship for the sake of getting closer to them. If they are really good friends then they won’t mind too much if you spend time texting him or taking pictures together- after all, he’s only ever a phone call away!

14. Be patient

It’s easy to become impatient in a relationship if you want it to succeed so badly- after all, relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain. Don’t let your relationship fall by the wayside just because you can’t be bothered to keep it going or give up on someone that could be “the one” for you someday soon. Put the effort into your relationship, and it will definitely pay off in the end!

15. Always follow through on promises

What’s worse than making plans with someone only for them not to show up? Making promises that you never intend on keeping of course! If he is trying his best to make time for both of you, make sure that you are always reciprocating his relationship effort. He’ll only continue to make effort if he knows for a fact it is worth it!

16. Always be open and honest about how you feel

Your relationship will go nowhere if secrets or lies start to creep into it- especially if both of you are guilty of doing so. If something is upsetting you, don’t keep quiet about it just because you’re scared of coming across as petty or insecure. If the relationship isn’t important enough to put your best foot forward then what’s the point in even trying? Just remember that communication is key!

17. Don’t try too hard with friends

It may seem like relationship goals are being achieved when you hang out with his friends but try to keep your relationship just between the two of you. You may have developed a reputation for getting along with boyfriends’ friends too well and it could come back to haunt you (for example, if any scandalous rumours start spreading around about how close the two of you are). Don’t compromise who you are as an individual or let your relationship down!

Conclusion: If you’re looking to make your relationship with your man stronger, consider using these 18 ways to impress him and make him want you more. These tips will help strengthen the bond between two people in love. You can also learn more about how neuroscience helps relationships by reading our post on the topic here!

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