Every relationship has its secret things that the two people involved like about each other. Men are no different, especially when it comes to women they’re in relationship with. While some of these moments can be seen by others, most remain subtle but just as important.

“7 Things Men Secretly Love In A Woman” 

A relationship is a dynamic thing, constantly shifting with time and depending on various factors such as how those two people communicate, what they like or dislike. Here are seven things that most men appreciate in women:

1) Strong Woman

        While everyone has their weaknesses and let downs, there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who knows her worth and able to stand up for herself — no matter what others say or think about her. The guy can be with someone who will always be honest with him, even if she is chastised for it later on down the road. 

He wants someone he can trust and depend on so whatever relationship they decide to forge together, it will always be built on a strong foundation.

2) The One Who Makes Him Laugh

        An old saying tells us that laughter is the best medicine and there’s nothing truer than this statement. A relationship should also make both people in it happy, which means they should know how to make each other smile and laugh (even when there are times when such reaction is not appropriate). Men want someone who can be their friend as well as their lover, so they need someone who can stay positive even if times are tough.

3) A Woman With A Brain

       While men might appreciate a pretty face or nice body, there’s something undeniably attractive about a woman who knows what she wants and who is creative enough to get it. Someone like that might be a little more intimidating, but the relationship will never get boring and will always be rewarding in all aspects. A relationship with such woman is definitely one to remember and cherish forever.

4) The One Who Can Handle The Kitchen

       When men say they want women who can cook, what they really mean is they want someone who knows how to handle themsleves in the kitchen without burning down the house. It’s not about finding someone who can whip up five-course gourmet meal every night — instead, he wants someone he can rely on to make sure his stomach is full when he gets home from work or after spending hours out in nature looking for firewood for next winter.

5) The Woman Who Doesn’t Care What Others Think

        Someone who is able to drive her own life and do what she wants, without caring too much about what others think of her. While men want someone they can lean on and depend on when times get tough, they also want someone who doesn’t need them to the point that their relationship turns into a one-sided one where a man feels smothered by the woman’s needs and demands.

 He wants a relationship where everyone has their place and knows how to respect one another’s boundaries and not feeling overwhelmed with all responsibilities involved in such a relationship.

6) The One Who Helps Him Grow

        In any relationship, both people need to make each other better, to the point that they’re fulfilled people. Someone who challenges him to be the best version of himself will not only help him keep moving forward, but will also make him want to give his everything for the relationship to work out in the end.

7) The One Who Makes Him Feel Complete

       The relationship with such a woman makes him feel like he has it all. Someone he can turn into and share his day-to-day adventures with, as well as someone who helps him through difficult times and shares with them beautiful moments of happiness. There are no two different people in this relationship, just one soul looking for another half with whom they can finally unite and live happily ever after… at least until something comes up.

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