Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your relationship?

Do you want to spice things up but don’t know how?

Well, it might be time for you to turn him on. Try adding some of the following techniques into your relationship and see what happens!

1. Be playful with your words – 

Don’t say exactly what you’re thinking when you first start flirting with him. Play coy and let him come after you while also doing some pursuing yourself (girls like to feel like they’re wanted too!). This is a fantastic way to get his blood flowing quickly below the belt.

 A lot of people don’t do this because they are afraid that their partner won’t want them or think less of them based upon what they say. However, if your relationship is in a good place and both of you are communicating well and getting along, then inserting some naughty words and innuendos into the relationship won’t be interpreted the wrong way. They may even turn on the heat themselves!

2. Try something new –

Do you ever get tired of making love in the same position over and over again? Switch it up! Variety is always a good thing when it comes to relationships, so why not mix things up by trying out an entirely new way that you’ve never tried before? If neither of you has ever done it before, then take the initiative yourself by suggesting it to him (and helping him learn how)! Not only will this be exciting, but it will make the relationship stronger by allowing you both to learn new things about each other.

3. Play with his mind –

If your relationship is pretty solid and you’ve been together for a while, then playing head games can be great fun. You know that he loves making love with you, but what happens when he doesn’t think that’s going to happen? Start making him work for it! Don’t let on that you’re in the mood even though your body language is screaming out, “take me!” 

He’ll go crazy trying to figure out if this is one of your games or if he has finally worn you down so much so that there’s no way to resist any longer (even though you wanted to). I guarantee that this will turn him on like nothing else.

4. Show off a little – 

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Don’t be afraid to use your sex appeal to your advantage. Men are visual creatures, so let him see what he’s going after! Dress up in sexy lingerie or show off some leg when you sit next to him. You might not get the reaction you want at first, but there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll be thinking about you uncontrollably.

5. Sometimes less is more – 

It may sound backwards considering most relationship advice tells women to wear revealing clothing and show a lot of skin in order to turn on their men, but sometimes the best way to do this is by wearing alluring pieces that aren’t obvious. 

For example, if you’re going out on a date or even just staying at home after work, try putting on something short and sassy with some fantastic underwear underneath (in case he gets frisky!). This can be a real treat for him when it comes to turning on his sexual feelings towards you while not being too overstated.

6. Exercise – 

Do some yoga before your making love! Not only will this help both of you feel more limber and relaxed, but it will also get the blood flowing properly throughout the body, which can lead to better sex all around.

Doing some stretches and poses together can be a lot of fun (and will make for some great photos!), plus it will get you both in the mood for sensual love by making your bodies feel good.

7. Soak in the bathtub –

 Before you even start getting ready to go out on a date with him, go take a nice warm bath or shower. Not only will this relax you and ease all of the tension from your day, but it will also help set up a sensual atmosphere before you’re even at the door! Light candles around the room, play some soft music in the background and put on something slinky while lounging around after he gets back from work. You’ll have both turned on your most inner desires full drive!

8. Get down and dirty – 

Sometimes you can really turn him on by doing something simple as reaching into his pants and giving him a quick hand job or even just fondling his penis through his underwear. Don’t overdo it, though, because he’ll go from turned on to satisfied pretty quickly if you start asking him if he’s ready for intercourse (even though you’ll know for sure what he wants!). Even if there isn’t much foreplay, using your hands is still an effective way of making sure that an evening together will be both memorable and pleasurable. 

9. Surprise! – 

If your relationship has been going along smoothly and you haven’t been able to think of any relationship advice, then you may want to consider surprising him with a new piece of sexy lingerie. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy expensive, but it will definitely let him know that you’re thinking about how much you want him and that you put some thought into this relationship.

10. Don’t be afraid – 

One rule of thumb most relationship gurus tell women is that they should never do something in the relationship without letting their men know what’s going on upfront so there are no surprises later on down the road. 

I couldn’t disagree more! In fact, if you really love your man and think he’s got a good head on his shoulders when it comes to relationship matters, then don’t let him know what’s going on until afterwards. He’ll be thinking about it for days (if not weeks or months even!), trying to figure out how you managed to make your relationship advice like this without him ever knowing what was coming.

13. Watch movies –

 When most men think of getting turned on by their women, they think of them wearing naughty underwear and showing off lots of skin. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can still turn on his sexual desires just by watching a movie together!

Pick out one that both of you have been wanting to see but just haven’t had the time yet, pop some popcorn, lay down close together on the couch, and enjoy! It may sound cliché, but there is no relationship without sex, so always remember to have plenty in the relationship bank. This isn’t just about enjoying yourself. This is also about both of you learning how to properly engage with each other in order for your relationship to progress.

14. Enjoy the art of seduction –

 Seduction can be a great experience for both partners when done correctly, but it’s easy to lose sight of that idea when you are in the thick of it all. Seduction should be an activity that both partners enjoy doing because then they will want to do it more often (and not feel like it’s something they have to do). With this in mind, make sure that your boyfriend knows exactly what he must do in order to please you. If you don’t give him a map, then he will literally have no idea what to do, and it will result in a bad experience for you both.

15. Have sex outside – 

Having sex outside is an easy way to turn your relationship up a notch because it builds excitement and passion through spontaneity. It can also help you get past relationship “modes” that might be getting in the way of the relationship’s growth. For instance, if you guys are consistently having sex within four walls and never go outside, then your relationship might start to feel routine and lack passion and excitement (and novelty). So plan a day where you guys can hike somewhere secluded or take a romantic walk by the water or something along those lines.

16. Include others in your relationship –

 For instance, invite friends over to cook dinner together or discuss sex with each other openly (or not so openly). This is an excellent way to decrease intimacy within your relationship by taking it out into the world. However, this decrease in intimacy is offset by the benefit of making your relationship more open and honest (which increase trust) and allows you guys to see each other’s colours when alone with others (which promotes relationship security).

17. Experiment with him – 

Find out what he wants and play to those fantasies or interests of his. This is a fantastic way to make sure you maintain variety in the relationship. Doing new things together helps keep things fresh and keeps your relationship from becoming stale (which is why it’s important to set relationship goals).

18. Take turns being in control –

 By taking turns being the dominant one, you prevent relationship power imbalances. This can result in relationship control issues leading to trust problems that lead to relationship insecurity and relationship power imbalances if not dealt with properly.

19. Do couple-type activities as a family unit – 

In other words, don’t neglect relationship activities that are relationship-specific to pursue relationship-neutral activities with your relationship. This is an excellent way to promote relationship security because it shows your relationship off as a positive asset in your life (which increases relationship commitment).

20. Have nicknames for each other –

 Nicknames are an easy way to show fondness and endearment for each other without having to find ways of saying it. For example, “Babe” or “Darling” are cutesy terms of endearment, which can say more than words because they give the person being spoken about a good feeling whenever they hear you call them by their nickname.

21. Keep track of what he likes –

 By keeping track of things he likes, you can ensure that relationship activities are relationship-specific, which is essential to prevent relationship boredom. Having relationship goals come into play here as well, because this way if the relationship has goals, you guys have something to work for together!

22. Groom each other – 

Showering your partner with attention helps keep the relationship fresh by keeping it exciting. Grooming doesn’t have to mean giving him a haircut or shaving his face (though that’s an option). It can be as simple as tying his tie for him before he leaves in the morning or brushing lint off of his clothes.

23. Make him feel like a man – 

One way of doing this is by making him feel important in your life. Do this by lavishing compliments upon him and treating him like he’s an authority figure. The more important he feels, the more relationship commitment he will exude (which helps increase relationship security).

24. Keep things cute –

Hide little notes around his stuff for him to find throughout the day. Wear outfits that make you look good or ridiculous without seeming like you’re fishing for compliments. Act giddy when you’re with him (a relationship, not a friendship). These things help keep the relationship fresh and interesting by making you seem like his unpredictable little vixen (which can increase relationship commitment and relationship attraction).

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