What do you do when it feels like your relationship isn’t going anywhere? You probably try to be a little more affectionate, go on trips together, and even schedule dates. All of which are good ideas for any relationship. But if these changes aren’t enough, then there might be more significant problems in the relationship that can’t easily be fixed. This article will give 12 signs that you’re not with your soulmate.

       1.) When one person loves the other, but they don’t love them back

           It’s a gut-wrenching feeling when you can see yourself loving someone else, but they don’t feel the same way about you. Unfortunately, this is an issue in many relationships. Many people have crushes or develop feelings for people they’re just not attracted to. Usually, this can lead to extreme guilt and confusion for both parties. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to seriously think about whether or not you and your partner are meant for each other.

       2.) Because of the relationship, one person is becoming a bad person

           Think about how your relationship makes you feel? Does it make you want to be a better person? Or does it make you want to do things that would make your parents disappointed? Some relationships can give us strength and motivation, while others can drain our energy and leave us feeling like we could have done more with our lives. If your relationship is sapping your ability to be a good person, then it might not be the relationship you’re meant to be in.

       3.) You both want different things from each other

           There is nothing more frustrating than dating someone who wants a relationship that’s completely different from what you want. It can create insecurity and mistrust, which always lead to relationship problems. If your relationship makes one of you feel like they aren’t getting what they deserve out of it, then maybe it isn’t meant to be after all.

       4.) One person pressures another into doing something they don’t want to do

           Perhaps the biggest sign that you’re not with your soulmate is when one person feels pressured by their partner into doing things they don’t want to do or feel uncomfortable with. Physical abuse is a huge sign that something is wrong, and so is any other type of relationship pressure.

This relationship may be the cause of depression and anxiety in your life if you’re not careful, which will take time to heal after a relationship ends.

       5.) One person wants to get married while the other does not

           When one person feels ready for marriage and the other doesn’t, it can create tension in the relationship. It might even cause resentment over time if one partner isn’t willing to compromise for the other. If you find yourself in this situation, talk about your feelings with each other or consider breaking up until you both feel more secure in your relationship.

       6.) You don’t trust each other enough to stay together when times get tough

           Every relationship gets difficult at some point. It’s how you handle the adversity together that builds your relationship. If you don’t know if you can stay in a relationship when things get hard, then maybe it isn’t meant to be after all. It takes time and commitment to build trust in a relationship, and sometimes people aren’t willing to do that.

       7.) You feel lonely with this person more than you feel happy with them

           When one person feels alone or empty inside their relationship, they need to seriously reconsider whether or not they’re meant for each other. Sadness and loneliness are two of the most common reasons people seek out new relationships and quickly get hurt again. If these feelings lead up to depression then you might need to consider relationship counselling.

       8.) You keep making the same relationship mistakes over and over again

           Every relationship takes work, but if your relationship is always ending in the same issues, maybe it’s time to let go. People have a tendency to recycle relationship patterns throughout their life, which can be dangerous when they’re dating someone new. It isn’t too late to change your life, so if your relationship feels toxic or damaging, it’s time for you to move on. On the other hand, if your relationship challenges you enough to grow as a person, then it may be with your soulmate after all because not every relationship has this power.  

9.) You feel like an acquaintance rather than a partner

You should never feel like you’re only friends with your partner. If this occurs, then it may mean there’s no sense of intimacy present in the relationship. Some signs of this could be: you never talk about your relationship or how it’s going, no relationship goals or relationship hopes, and lack of relationship activities such as dates. All relationships need effort to work, so if you’re not making any, then it will put a strain on your relationship over time.

10.) Your relationship is low on intimacy

There are many relationship problems that can occur when couples lack romantic intimacy in their relationship. If you’re not getting physical or sharing any time together, then there may be a relationship problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. This relationship issue isn’t just about sex., it’s also about feeling connected emotionally and mentally with one another through non-sexual ways.

11.) You feel like you have to fix your relationship

You should never tell yourself this statement after a fight: “I really need to work on my relationship.” Only positive thoughts should run through your mind if you want your relationship to grow. If you find yourself saying this relationship statement after a fight, then your relationship problems may be more extensive than what it seems.

12.) You’re only staying in the relationship because it’s convenient

If you feel like staying together for logistical reasons such as: “we live together” or “the relationship is comfortable,” then there may be a relationship problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Not all relationships last forever. However, if they truly are meant to work out, they should have little to no problems between the two of you.

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