Are you in a relationship with someone that is very different from you?

Do you want to be with him, but deep down, know it’s not going to work out? No matter how much your friends and family tell you the relationship won’t work out, or how much your heart aches for what seems like an almost impossible relationship – there are some things every woman knows about their man.

No matter what the situation: if he’s too fat, too thin, too old, too young – there are ten things any woman will always love about their man:

1. He makes her feel safe. 

Women need this more than anything else in a relationship. The worst thing for a relationship is when she doesn’t feel safe around the man she is with. If she doesn’t, she will start to resent the man over time.

2. He is always open and honest with her about his feelings.

 It may feel like nothing but honesty at the time, but it’s worth it in the long term relationship. No relationship can handle lies or secrets for too long before they break down one way or another (or both ways). So, if your man is 100% open and honest about your relationship, this is what will protect it in the long run.

3. He makes her laugh when nobody else can. 

Women always love a man who knows how to make them laugh even when life seems unfair. A relationship without laughter never works out in the end. Laughter is the relationship glue that holds it together.

4. He treats her like a lady even when nobody’s looking.

 A man who can treat his woman like royalty even when he’s out of the room gives her something that no other relationship does—feeling special.

5. He only wants the best for her.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad things are going for him. If he has somebody real by his side, he’ll always want the best for them. Even though this may mean letting them go at times, it’s worth more than anything else in the relationship.

6. He supports her no matter how crazy the relationship gets. 

If he can stick with you through some very difficult times, there’s a good chance he’ll stick with you right to the end too. Even though nobody can guarantee that she’ll be happy in the relationship, knowing that he has your back is what counts more than anything else.

7. He makes her feel like she is the only woman for him when they are together.

Whether it’s physical or emotional, he always makes sure that his woman knows that they’re the only one in his life. It may not seem like much, but feeling special (and making somebody feel special) matters in any relationship. The relationship won’t work out if you don’t make each other feel special.

8. He knows the relationship is forever. 

A relationship without a future or hope of a long-term relationship won’t work out no matter how good it seems at first – not for her anyway. A woman will only stay in a relationship if she has high hopes it’ll last, so if the woman is with the man, that means that there’s a very good chance the relationship will last too. The man has to show her he can be trusted, and their relationship has what it takes to make it last forever.

9. He makes sure his woman knows he loves her even when she does’nt says it back. 

Even though some guys think actions speak louder than words, they still try as hard as possible to show their women how much they love them. He may not always get the words out, but she’ll always know that he’s thinking of her when it counts.

10. He never stops trying to make his relationship work.

 Even though he knows she may not want to be with him in the end, he still tries hard to do everything possible to make sure that the relationship works out no matter what. If he really loves you, then he’ll fight for it forever until his relationship gives up on him.

If your man makes all ten of these things clear to you (even if some are harder than others), then you should be feeling like the relationship is going somewhere very serious – and you know what that means!

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