“Wow, it’s really coming down out there,” you say to your partner. “Let’s just go back inside.”

But they’re not having it. They know that most relationship experts recommend at least one date each week – rain or shine – so this is their chance to prove they can plan a fun evening even in lousy weather. Luckily for them, you usually have the upper hand when it comes to creative date ideas. But today, if they want you to stay outside, it looks like they’ll have to come up with something pretty amazing.

You might be surprised what your partner comes up with when faced with the challenge of making an outdoor relationship activity work in less-than-ideal weather. Here are some ideas that show you can have fun no matter what Mother Nature brings your way!

These relationship activities are good for the warmer months, too – just be sure to check the forecast, so you don’t get caught in an unexpected downpour.

1. Water balloon fight

It may sound like a game only young kids would enjoy, but there’s nothing childish about getting soaked by water balloons during a relationship activity date. Fill up some balloons and head out to the backyard or local park with your partner. Make the first move yourself if they’re just standing around looking nervous, then send them into battle once they’ve got their hands full of wet latex. Whatever you do, don’t aim at anyone’s face even if it would be hilarious – until someone gets hurt, everyone’s going to be laughing too hard to have a good time.

2. Backyard camping

Putting up a tent in your backyard is as easy as throwing your sleeping bags on the ground – but it’s still an effective relationship activity for those rainy days when you can’t go any further from home than that. Of course, you’ll need some essential equipment like lanterns and maybe some s’mores fixings, but then it’s a simple matter of enjoying a few hours outside together under the stars.

3. Flashlight tag

When was the last time you played flashlight tag? It doesn’t have to happen at night, though – just pull out all those flashlights you’ve been meaning to clean off your shelves and get ready for some relationship fun in the rain. If it’s too wet to play outside, you can also do this relationship activity indoors with a few strategically placed lamps and curtains to turn your living room into a dark maze.

4. Photo scavenger hunt

Your relationship activities don’t have to be limited to what’s in your own backyard – you can even venture out into the neighbourhood if you’re trying to solve a photo scavenger hunt. Give each other clues that lead closer and closer together until you end up at your final location: an indoor relationship activity like playing board games or taking turns sharing childhood memories over glasses of wine.

5. Movie marathon

Sometimes all anyone wants is snuggle time on a rainy day, and that’s where your relationship activities can take a turn for the romantic. Get comfy and cozy together and spend the day watching all of your favorite movies. You could even try to watch one movie from each of your top five favourite lists, which will give you plenty of relationship advice as well as something to talk about later on tonight.

6. Board games

If it isn’t wet enough outside for a relationship activity like camping or scavenger hunts, maybe you’d rather stay inside after all. Grab those board games you played as kids and dust them off for some quality time with your partner now that they’re older and much wiser (at least in terms of relationship advice ). Make sure everyone plays their best and keeps their hands above the table – winning is always more fun when no one’s angry!

7. Picnic

Sometimes relationship activities can be as simple as taking a walk together. Pack your favourite snacks and head out the door for an adventure through your local park or neighbourhood, where you’ll get plenty of relationship activity ideas just by tuning into your surroundings. If it isn’t raining too hard, take off the jackets and enjoy some time in the sun before heading home to wrap up with another round of your relationship games.

8. Fondue night

Having relationship activities at home means that you don’t have to worry about whether you packed enough clothes, but it also requires you to provide all of the entertainment yourself. It might be worth it on those rainy relationship activities that are just too much fun to pass up, though – start off with some fondue and break out the relationship advice books before it gets late.

9. Painting for two

Even if your relationship activities take place indoors, they can still be creative endeavours. Sit down together with a couple of brushes or paint rollers and have at it until you’ve created the perfect addition to your pad. If either of you is especially talented (or particularly terrible), consider hanging it somewhere where everyone who visits will see what you’ve done together.

10. Cooking

What says relationship building more than cooking together? You can get plenty of relationship activity ideas by watching how someone else prepares their speciality until you’ve got the basics down. At this point, you should switch roles so that they can host their own relationship activities instead. Then compare notes on what each of you thought worked best and decide who cooked up the better recipe.

11. Literacy night

Relationship activities with books might be easier on dry land, but it’s still entirely possible for you to get creative without leaving your home. Curl up together under a blanket and read each other passages from your favourite classic relationship advice, then let your imaginations run wild. At the same time, you consider what adventures might be going on outside of the relationship activities you’ve always envisioned each character is a part of.

12. Nature hike

It might be relationship activities , but don’t think for a moment that they need to stay inside. Take advantage of some gorgeous weather by bringing a few bottles of water and having a romantic relationship activities adventure of your own. It’s relationship advice that you’ll want to try out together so that you can share the relationship activities you both love with each other.

13. Video games

If any two people are perfectly made for relationship building, it’s gamers. You don’t necessarily have to go outside if someone suggests spending time alone doing some fun relationship activities, so take advantage of it when they do. You can easily have advice-fueled relationship activities all night long when you know both of your relationship games are up to par when it comes to relationship-building skills.

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