I’ve been talking to my friend about relationship problems, and she told me, “Honey, I’m sorry, but you just don’t love him anymore”.

I know it hurts when someone tells you that you don’t love your partner anymore after all this time. It’s worse when your relationship doesn’t last for a long while, and you’re probably just accustomed to the daily routine together.

But there are some signs that indicate that you really DO feel differently than before:

1) You no longer find him attractive:

 If you used to think he was good looking or even hot at the beginning of the relationship and now he looks plain or ugly to your eye – well, it might be a sign that something has changed inside of you over the relationship. Of course, this is not a necessary condition to break up or divorce – but it’s better if you realize that something has changed before he does.

2) You want more independence: 

Relationships usually make us feel more independent and allow us to grow as a person. But some people get so comfortable in the relationship they forget who’s important to them! If you have been feeling that way for some time now, then maybe your relationship with him is just no longer making you happy. There may be times when you’re suggesting new activities on your own because you know he probably won’t enjoy doing them!

3) You don’t respect him anymore: 

There’s nothing worse than being married to someone you don’t respect. If you don’t respect him as a person and the relationship lack passion, then it’s time to think about your future.

4) You don’t approve of the relationship: 

Every relationship has good and bad sides. If you can no longer overlook his flaws or accept certain negative things about him like lying, cheating or verbally abusing you – well, maybe this relationship is just not for you anymore! But, again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to leave but at least think about this issue.

5) The feeling of security is gone: 

Okay, so if the relationship with him makes you feel insecure all the time by having to worry about where he may be or what he could be doing – well, it’s probably because your relationship is not as secure as it should be. Even though a relationship isn’t supposed to make us feel perfectly safe all the time (nothing but death can do that, right?), it’s better if the relationship feels more like a safe haven than something scary or dangerous.

6) Your relationship lacks passion: 

If your relationship was built on love and affection at the beginning and now you’re just living together because of the kids – well, it might be time for divorce! Who wants to exist in a relationship that makes them feel dead inside?!

Of course, I’m not saying that these are definite signs that will lead you to break up with him without a doubt – sometimes a relationship takes some work! But take care of yourself first, getting into another relationship, so you don’t end up in the same situation.

To sum it all up, a relationship needs understanding and love to grow. So if you don’t feel for your partner what you felt at the beginning – maybe it’s time to let go…

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