How many times have you longed to be swept off your feet by a charming, debonair prince who’s spent days painstakingly planning the perfect evening just for you? If you want to up your relationship game, but are tired of relying solely on your natural charm and good looks, here are 12 romantic ideas that will sweep any man off his feet.

1. Pack Your Bags And Go Somewhere New

One of the simplest ways to turn an ordinary relationship into something more special is to get out of town! Whether it’s a two-day trip down south or a week-long excursion across Europe, taking even just one mini “vacation” together creates new experiences that help bring the relationship closer. Plus, spending time away from the normal demands of work and home life gives you some time to relax and be yourselves, which can open new doors for intimacy.

2. Leave Him A “Thought Before Bed” Love Note

Even if you’ve been together for years, there’s still nothing more romantic than waking up to find a love note on your pillow or in your briefcase that reminds you just how much he cares about you. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are two guaranteed ways to win him over every time:

– Pack his lunch with an extra treat hidden inside – write a secret message on the back of his dollar bills before he leaves for work – Write him a letter telling him why he makes everything better.

3. Create A Personalized Playlist On iHeartRadio

Music can be such a powerful force for intimacy, and just about everyone has a favourite song that reminds them of someone special. Why not use your relationship as an excuse to share some of those memories? By creating a personalized playlist on iHeartRadio, you can help him relive the first time you danced together or recall other intimate moments by pairing each track with beautiful artwork and lyrics. The playlist will serve as both a reminder of the relationship’s ups and downs – and an exciting new way to express how much you care. 

4. Write Him A Love Letter

If he’s nervous about writing love letters (or simply doesn’t know where to begin), try writing one yourself! An old-fashioned letter is a romantic way to say “I love you” that he’ll cherish for years to come. Here are five aspects of your relationship that deserve mention:

– How you fell in love – 

Your first date experience – 

Your relationship milestones – 

The qualities that make him unique and special –

Why you’re the perfect match

5. Create A Fondue Night

Fondues have been around since the mid-20th century, but they’ve proven time and again to be a timeless source of romance. Whether you create an “Around The World” fondue or choose from an assortment of delicious dips, this at-home treatment is sure to leave both of you feeling happy, satisfied, and perhaps even a little bit saucy!

6. Decorate Your Door

If you have a few spare tools and some spare time, try sprucing up the front door with a bit of paint or some new knobs! A little “Home Sweet Home” touch is almost guaranteed to brighten his day, not to mention create an excellent impression on any unexpected guests he might have over for dinner. 

7. Make Him A New Cocktail Or Infuse His Favorite Drink With A Secret Ingredient

Every now and then, he’ll find himself craving that one special drink that always manages to bring him back home at night. Whether it’s vodka tonics, whiskey shots, or something stronger, there are tons of ways you can make him feel extra-special with even just a few simple ingredients.

8. Host An “After Dark” Movie And Snacks Night

One of the best ways to bond is over a shared activity, and what better activity could there be than a night in? If you want to give your relationship a romantic twist, try hosting an “after dark” movie and snacks night. Whether you choose a classic film or a cheesy B-horror flick, inviting him over for this one will definitely impress.

9. Surprise Him With A New Outfit For Your Weekend Adventures

Does he take pride in his appearance when it comes to Sunday brunch or date nights? By surprising him with something new that really wows, you’ll satisfy his need for hotness while also helping him look great for all those picture-perfect moments you’ll share.

10. Leave A Love Note In His Briefcase Or On His Desk

He’s probably not expecting to find an extra special something as he leaves for work, which means this romantic gesture is sure to throw him off guard and put a huge smile on his face! If you’re really stuck for inspiration, include one of these relationship quotes in the note to leave him with positive thoughts for the day ahead.

11. Make Him Breakfast In Bed

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – even just throwing together some ingredients that are already in your kitchen can be enough. Why not use this opportunity to surprise him with something new, or if he has a specific favourite meal, try whipping that up instead?

12. Write Him A Poem

Some men aren’t a big fans of writing love letters, which is why you should consider taking the initiative and providing him with a heart-touching poem that he can cherish forever. If you’re unsure where to get started, browse through our relationship quotes for inspiration. No matter what romantic gesture you choose to undertake, make sure it’s something he’ll love!

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